Citizens avoid this footbridge at night for want of illumination

This footbridge was planned and commissioned to ease traffic congestion in the heart of the commercial capital – linking Margao’s old railway station area to Calconda and Navelim on the city’s southern side.
Sadly, motorists and pedestrians avoid the footbridge during night hours for want of illumination and security, with miscreants having a field day in near the old station premises.
It’s nearly 5-6 months since the footbridge was thrown up for two-wheelers and pedestrians, but the illumination is yet to fall in place till date.
When Herald contacted Konkan Railway Corporation’s Sr Public Relations Manager, Baban Ghatge, he said the KRC has handed over the footbridge to the PWD after its construction. “Our job of constructing the two footbridges and the subway is over. It is now for the local government to take a call on illumination and other security aspects”, Ghatge said.
Citizens using the footbridge have complained of absence of illumination and security at the bridge. “Hardly anyone uses the footbridge on security grounds and for want of illumination. The old station premise is also frequented by the sex workers. The police should flush out the miscreants and other shady characters from the area and instill confidence amongst the pedestrians and two- wheelers alike”, demanded a trader on the station road, having his residence at Calconda area. [H]