Civil supplies dept still corrupt: Trajano

Lokacho Adhar President Trajano D’Mello said there was widespread corruption in the public distribution system of the Civil Supplies Department and maintained nothing had changed, except for the fact that now it was flowing down from one focal point ~ the Chief Minister.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, D’Mello said, “It was the Chief Minister who had on the floor of the House repeatedly accused the Congress regime of corruption in the public distribution system, but figures availed by me under the Right to Information indicate that corruption continues under the BJP government and nothing has changed.”

Placing facts gathered by him under RTI, Trajano explained, “In Saligao, two fair price shops have received unequal quota of food grains while the ration card holders of both shops are almost the same. Also, the quota of kerosene under the BJP regime has drastically gone down, but the allocation per person has remained more or less the same.”  

However, he claimed, there was no short supply and the cooking fuel was available in plenty in the black market. The BJP cadres are collecting ‘hafta’ that goes straight to the party fund or Chief Minister’s fund, unlike in the Congress regime where it went to individual MLAs and ministers.

D’Mello said his point was vindicated by the recent statement of BJP spokesperson Dr Wilfred Mesquita, who was on record that the scourge of corruption still existed.  

He observed that the Civil Supplies Department had no statistics of ration card holders and the whole department was in disarray and the much-promised policy of the CM to streamline the affairs of PDS is yet to take shape. [H]