Clarify position: Operators to govt


Condemning the protest of students by stopping buses at the Ponda bus stand, private bus operators have insisted that the State government should clarify its position on certain issues faced by the bus operators.
“We allow students to board the buses and sometimes, the whole bus is packed with students. It is not economically viable, especially when entire bus is packed with students. Government should give us some concession for carrying over 10 students,” said Goa State Bus Owners’ Association Ponda Secretary Siddesh Adpaikar.
 “We do not force any student to stand in the bus and instead, they wait for an empty bus. They are not ready to board the bus if all seats are occupied and sometimes, they (students) do not vacate a seat for an elderly person or a pregnant woman.”
“The government should also come out with directives that half tickets should be permissible only from home to the educational institute,” said Adpaikar. [H]