Classic Baru Sandwich

Lamb 180 gms
Bacon 30 gms
Red wine 10 ml
Chicken salami 10 gms
Egg 2 no
Oil 60 ml
Ciabatta bread 1 no
Eggless mayonnaise 40 gms
Pommery mustard 40 gms
Lettuce 20 gms
Tomato (sliced) 30 gms
Chicken sausages 2 no
Potato salad/ French fries 80 gms
Butter 20 gms
Cocktail onions 10 gms
Gherkins 10 gms
Salt & black pepper 2 gms each
Lettuce head 1 no
Panko crumbs 30 gms

1. Flatten the tenderloin and marinate with rosemary and olive oil with some red wine.
2. Grill the bacon on a hot pan till is slightly brown and crispy.
3. Dip the cut bread slices into egg batter and roll them evenly into panko crumbs (coarse crumbs made with shredded bread) until both sides are evenly coated. Place the bread slices onto a heated pan until the panko crumbs turn golden brown.
4. Fold the chicken salami to be placed on top of 1 bottom slice of the bread.
5. Heat the bread slices and evenly spread Pommery mayonnaise.
6. Arrange lettuce, sliced tomato, cocktail onions & gherkins on top of the Pommery mayonnaise bread slice.
7. Place the folded chicken salami on top of the layered bread slice.
8. Now gently stack the grilled bacon on top of chicken salami.
9. Place the cooked tenderloin on top of grilled bacon.
10. Fry one egg sunny side up, and place it on top of the chicken.
11. Add salt and black pepper to taste.
12. The sandwich can be served with chicken sausages or potato salad or French fries on the side, as per preference. [Ref.-TOI]