CM blasts greens for blaming govt on mining


Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar Thursday launched a scathing attack on environmentalists claiming they should not criticize the government on mining while ‘sitting in AC rooms’.
 In his reply to the discussion on the Budget 2013-14, Parrikar claimed that mining industry was very crucial to strengthen the financial status of Goa. “I am not supporting the mine owners but for that (sins of mine owners) why should the common man be punished?” he asked.
“Environmentalists are talking sitting in the AC rooms and collecting pension from the government. We are at least giving something through the schemes to the mining closure affected people for their survival,” he told the Assembly. The chief minister went on to add that Goa has benefited by Rs 5,000 crore in last five years from the mining industry and that these created developmental projects including the roads.
“Who are these environmentalists to tell me not to support the people affected along with the mining industry? They talk sitting in their air conditioned rooms,” he repeated.
Parrikar mentioned the schemes offered for the mining affected people were not doles. 
“There are some people who have driven trucks for their entire life,” he said.
The State government in the recently tabled budget has budgeted an amount for the people affected by suspension of mining operations.  [H]