CM cautions against fraudsters


The trust factor, goodness and simplicity of Goans are what criminal minds exploit, while defrauding them, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar Thursday said, citing examples of SMS lottery racket and other such scams. 
“We Goans immediately trust people,” he said warning the locals to remain alert against crimes. 
In the recent past, several police cases were reported wherein people alleged that they were being duped after being lured by SMSes or emails informing that they have won huge cash. The scamsters then ask them to claim the lottery amount and to deposit processing fees. 
Parrikar said a victim had approached him with such a complaint where she was duped of Rs 7 lakh or so. 
Just a couple of days ago, the Panjim police helped by alert public, cracked down on Rs 10-note gang from Trichur, who hoodwinked people of lakhs of rupees before being caught.  [H]