CM chides PWD official for inability to speak in Konkani

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Wednesday chided the officials for their inability to interact in local language.

During his visit to Mayem constituency, Parrikar had discussion with the panch members and the government officials.

At one point of time, Parrikar sought to know about the status of road in Ona-Maulinguem when a PWD official started explaining in English. As the chief minister was unable to hear him, he was asked to repeat the same.

However, when Parrikar came to know that the official was unable to understand the local language, he asked him to learn Konkani, which is the local language.

“First you should learn Konkani so that you could cater to the needs of the locals. If this is not done, how are you going to solve the problems of the people who only speak in Konkani,” Parrikar asked.

“Even the English that you are speaking seems like having foreign accent,” the chief minister told the official. [H]