CM perturbed over sex ratio


Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar has said that educationists and the elite in the society should shoulder the responsibility of not only imparting education, but making people knowledgeable, while expressing his resolve to make schools more and more autonomous.
He expressed his concern over the declining girl ratio in the state and called upon the educationists to introspect and do some soul searching over the declining ratio.
Speaking at the valedictory function of the two-day 14th national conference of Principals of Indian Colleges organized by the Forum of Principals and Representatives of Managements of Colleges in Goa at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao, Parrikar cautioned that educationists should plan for the future generations since it constitutes the base for the progress of the country. “Goa has achieved impressive standards in terms of statistics in education. There’s a substantial number of students post-graduation and higher education. Of these, girls constitute 62 per cent of post-graduate students. But that achievement is clouded with a figure that the girl child birth rate is 938 per thousand. That is my worry.” 
“This raises the question whether we are really educated. According to me, it is no. Otherwise, the boy-girl ratio would have been 1:1,” he observed, adding that this ratio would have an impact on the society.
…says he understood Gandhi late 
MARGAO: Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar on Friday admitted that he was once absolutely against Mahatma Gandhi for his teachings on non-violence.
“That time, my blood was young. I thought Gandhi’s teachings on non-violence were nonsense and nuisance. This was my feeling till I was a student of IIT. But, as I grew older, I developed more and more respect for the great man. Probably, I did not understand what he meant by non-violence. What a great philosophy he shared,” he said, and remembered Gandhi’s saying that knowledge without character and politics without principles can lead to disaster. “We need politics with character and principles,” he asserted. [H]