CM reluctantly accepts India Today award


Not everyone may be aware, but Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has reluctantly accepted the India Today award for Best Administered Small State in the Country awarded to Goa, only after he was convinced that Goa was awarded for the performance of BJP government.
“Awards are normally given for achievement of previous periods like performances of previous year which are compiled and awarded during current year,” said Parrikar during the inaugural function of Lokosthav 2013 at Amone-Poinguinim.
“So, I told them in clear words why should I accept the award when it is given for the government performance of previous period, especially when Congress was governing the State, and there was no performance that time,” he said.
“I usually do not take any given awards to me to my house, but I have kept the CNN-IBN ‘Politician of the Year’ award in my house for two reasons. It is given in my personal name and capacity it is given for bringing in change (parivartan) in State’s governance,” said Parrikar.
Without naming the third award, Parrikar went on to explain to the Lokosthav audience that ‘We got three awards since BJP formed the government including the best performed state in the country.”
Parrikar informed that he was reluctant to accept that award and only after he was convinced that it was not for previous government’s performance, but for the performance of his government for the last seven months, he agreed to accept it. [H]