CM smells rat in Kala Mandir reconstruction


Alleging that former Ponda MLA Ravi Naik was applying dual standards to development, chief minister Manohar Parrikar expressed surprise over the demolition of Ponda's only auditorium just nine years after it was constructed. Naik, incidentally, was the deputy chief minister in the Parrikar-led government about a decade ago.
Addressing a huge gathering after the commissioning of Ponda's ambitious Infectious Diseases (ID) hospital project on Wednesday afternoon, Parrikar criticized the functioning of the former government.
Recalling that Naik had once criticized him for renovating a 60-year-old Goa medical college building in Panaji, Parrikar said he smelt a rat in the reconstruction work on the auditorium. "I don't know why he (Naik) found the need to demolish the Kala Mandir, which was constructed by his own ministry (then PWD) in his own constituency, in just nine years," said Parrikar.
Pointing out that there was no need to reconstruct the entire structure, he said he would work to get the reconstruction work of the Rajiv Kala Mandir completed by May 2013, and the auditorium could then be inaugurated on May 30, Goa's Statehood Day.
He also said that the estimation and planning for the proposed Shiroda-Tariwada to Rachol bridge and the upgradation of the Shiroda health center have been started. [TOI]