CMC CO seals Palolem structure


In a move that could trigger a rift between the Canacona Municipal (CMC) chairperson and the chief officer, the CMC in a swift move sealed a structure under construction at Palolem on Friday.
According to reports, CMC Chief Officer Prashant Shirodkar, Municipal Engineer Ajay Desai along with other staff went to Palolem on Friday evening and sealed the structure under construction.
The family involved in the construction had been accused of failing to comply with CMC directives issued earlier to stop the ongoing construction work. 
Acting earlier on a complaint by a former CMC chairperson regarding an illegal construction and CRZ violations, Shirodkar had served a show-cause notice and had asked the family to stop the ongoing construction work,” said a municipal source.
In a swift move, CMC officials sealed the structures by applying official locks to the ‘Shutters’ of the construction site.
When contacted, CMC Chairman Ajay Bhagat was critical of Shirodkar’s action in the matter.
“The CMC officials carried the entire exercise so secretly that even I was not aware of the sudden move. I should have been informed whenever such an action is taken against anyone in the municipality. But the chief officer kept me in the dark and this is not right,” Bhagat told Herald.
Despite efforts, Shirodkar could not be contact for comments in the matter. [H]