CMC to crack whip against illegalities


The Canacona Municipal Council (CMC) administration has begun the process of identifying “illegal” structures doing business in the costal areas.
CMC Chief Officer Pradeep Naik informed that the administration is busy building up a data of all the illegal structures doing tourism business without any permission or obtaining licenses from CMC.
Incidentally, Naik along with the municipal engineer and other officials are inspecting the coastal areas at Palolem, Patnem, Colomb and Rajbag and marking various establishments doing seasonal tourism business without any permission from CMC.
“Yes, we have already identified a good number of such establishments operating illegally,” informed Naik.
“I have already tracked many such illegal establishments without municipal permissions, but I expect to get a clear list by Monday,” added Naik.
“Though a good number of establishments have obtained licenses after completing necessary formalities, it is a serious concern that many are operating without permissions. This needs to be stopped,” said Naik.
“We may provide them an opportunity to obtain necessary permissions, but if they fail to do so in a particular time-frame, all such activities will be stopped,” Naik asserted.  [H]