Coast guard rescues nine fishermen off Goa coast


In an operation that reinforced the commitment of the Indian coast guard in providing safety to fishermen at sea, the coast guard on Tuesday rescued nine fishermen off the Goa coast. Fishing vessel 'Kadal Matha' which the fishermen were operating suffered a machinery failure when their vessel was adrift at sea 210 nautical miles north-west off Vasco, said Akshay Jain, PRO, coast guard HQ -Goa.
Indian coast guard ship 'Samrat' which was patrolling the area, intercepted a VHF call of an unknown fishing boat calling for help. Indian Naval ship 'Nashak' which was closer to the fishing vessel responded to the call and took the distressed boat under tow about 160 nautical miles off Ratnagiri.
'Samrat' was then diverted to provide assistance and took over from the Naval vessel in rescuing the boat about 132 nautical miles off Mormugao on Tuesday. The coast guard personnel boarded the fishing vessel to ascertain the feasibility of repair of engines but the same could not be done due to want of spares. ICGS Samrat then commenced towing the boat towards Vasco.
'Samrat' along with the rescued fishermen came 7 nautical miles off Mormugao port at about 9am on Wednesday, said Jain. ICGS C-148 which had been kept on standby sailed out and towed the boat inside the harbour. Later, the fishermen and the trawler were handed over to a local representative of the owner of the vessel, for necessary action. The fishing vessel belongs to a person from Kanyakumari and is registered at Kanyakumari. [TOI]