Come clean on effect of mining ban on Goa: Cong to Parrikar

Stating that the recent statements of the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Parrikar, as regards to the status of state’s economy in the backdrop of the closure of the mining industry, were misleading and voicing concern that it could be misused by vested interests before judicial authorities, the opposition Congress party has called upon Mr Parrikar to tell the people the truth about the state’s financial position.

Addressing a press conference here on Friday afternoon, the Congress spokesman, Mr Sudip Tamankar, told reporters that the recent statements by the Chief Minister that the closure of mining would not have a bearing on state economy could be misinterpreted by non-government organisations that have approached Supreme Court and a picture contrary to prevailing situation could be presented before it to get a verdict favourable to them.

He said that information received by him under Right to Information Act showed that the government had recently borrowed Rs 150 crore from the Economic Development Corporation besides borrowings from the market to the tune of Rs 250 crore. He also said that he has got authentic information that the government was planning to borrow additional Rs 500 crore.

"Given this situation, the claim by the Chief Minister that there was 3 per cent growth in revenue collection, sounded falsehood and as such people should be told of the factual position," he said adding that mining affected people were living under miserable conditions.

He also said that if there was really an increase in revenue collection, as claimed by Mr Parrikar, then the amount should be given to the mining affected people who were reeling under the impact of the closure of mining industry. "Let him accept the fact that the state’s financial position was bad and tell the truth to the people," he stated.

Mr Tamankar accused the Chief Minister of being double faced and said that after having used protest during the last International Film Festival of India for political gains he was now trying to curb any protest by using legal provisions. He tried to equate the attitude of the Chief Minister to that of Hitler who was bent upon curbing any protest against his government. [NT]