Come Oct 30, Bardez will still fall short of water

Despite efforts by authorities to divert water supply from other sources, Bardez taluka could still face a shortage of about 15 million litres per day (MLD) of potable water, when water to the Assonora reservoir is stopped from October 30.

And given its location at the tail end of the main water pipeline, Porvorim constituency will be among the worst hit as it is likely to get a shortage of 2-3 MLD of water.

The Assonora Water Treatment Plant (WTP) receives 125 MLD of raw water from Tillari and supplies this treated water to Bardez taluka.

Since the Tillari Irrigation Corporation has decided to stop raw water to Assnora for about 50 days from October 30 due to maintenance work, the Assonora WTP will be unable to produce sufficient water supply from October 30. According to sources in the water department, two pumps at the Assonora reservoir produce 30 MLD each.

“The Water Resource Department has decided to fix one more pump at Assonora to produce an additional 30 MLD of raw water. The department has also made arrangements to divert 10 MLD of raw water from the Amthane dam and 10 MLD treated water and raw water from the Padossem plant to the Assonora reservoir,” informed the source.

“Despite these arrangements, there will be shortfall of about 15 MLD of potable water to Bardez ,” added the source.

The source added that Porvorim constituency will be among the worst affected as it is located at the tail end of the pipeline.

The water requirement of Porvorim constituency is about 18 MLD, but it will get a shortage of 2-3 MLD of water.

“Despite the shortage in water, residents should not panic as this is a temporary situation. All efforts will be made by the department to augment water supply as early as possible,” said the source.

In a bid to ensure water supply to all areas of Bardez taluka, the PWD has decided to supply water to some areas on alternate days and reduce the timing of water supply to other areas of the taluka. [H]