Confident Churchill to take on rejuvenated Sporting


Churchill Brothers technical director Subhash Bhowmick likens his squad to four utensils packed meticulously inside a sack: one of them, while clashing with the other, is bound to make some noise.
There have been rumblings in recent times about Churchill Brothers. An influential player clashed with the coaching staff, news of discontent was selectively leaked out and some players could not look in the eye of the management. Bhowmick is a veteran of such situations and described the current travails as "tea and biscuits.""I've got the team entirely under my thumb. I don't see anything wrong with this team. Remember that I have handled big and controversial names in the past. Players like Mike Okoro, Douglas, Alvito (D'Cunha), M. Suresh are no match to what we have at the moment," said Bhowmick, dismissing the rumblings in just one bold stroke.
Despite of what is being said, and reported, Churchill's performance away from home has been the talking point of the league. Churchill won 10 out of a possible 12 points, and had the strikers not missed on gilt-edge chances in Sikkim — despite braving the six-degree chill and bumpy travel — it would have been a perfect score for the title contenders.
"The players have shown character. For the last 20 days, despite travel hardships, change in weather, cold climate and some tough games, the players came out trumps. I know they will do the same against Sporting Clube, who, at home, can be equally dangerous," said Bhowmick.
With Spanish coach Oscar Bruzon now at the helm of affairs, Sporting Clube, the coach feels, is confident and assured.
"There was a need for changes tactically, physically and psychologically. We don't deserve to be where we are (on the points table) but we are fast improving," said Bruzon.
Bruzon has a point. In the last game, Bruzon's first in charge, Sporting Clube found themselves 0-2 down inside the first 18 minutes, but recovered spectacularly to tie the match. With some luck and better finishing, they could have turned the match on its head as well.
"Our strategy now is to attack right from the word go. The players have the confidence to attack and shoot on target. For the past one week, we have been working on the crossing and finishing," said Bruzon.
Against Churchill, it will be time for a rejuvenated Sporting to show just how much they have grown in confidence. [TOI]