Cong: It is lifeless

The Opposition Congress Tuesday expressed fears that the easy money doled out by the Manohar Parrikar led government through the State Budget, might divert more and more people in the villages towards gambling.
Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Subhash Shirodkar termed the Budget as ‘lifeless’ and ‘dole centric’. He also labeled it as ‘anti-common man’. “There is no life in the Budget. It has also failed to inject any economic vibrancy,” he said.
The Goa Congress chief analysed that the figures presented by the chief minister are unrealistic and based on assumptions. “I feel this year too, the actual implementation of the budget would be 50 to 60 percent. Government succeeded in implementing hardly 60 percent of the previous Budget,” he claimed.
Shirodkar accused the BJP-led government of driving Goan society towards a dole-driven economy. “The issue is serious as in the village areas there are chances that more and more people will divert towards gambling due to easy money,” he stated.
Congress strongly condemned the various taxes imposed by the government. The party also raised an objection over an increase in the fishing ban period from the existing 45 days to 75 days but refused to justify its position on the ban. [H]