Cong slams CM for permitting music events


 The Congress party has criticized chief minister Manohar Parrikar saying his doublespeak has once again been exposed, this time on the issue of music festivals.
Addressing mediapersons on Tuesday, party spokesperson Sudip Tamankar said, "After U-turns on mining and casinos, chief minister Manohar Parrikar has now done a U-turn on the issue of 'Sunburn'."
Tamankar noted that Parrikar had criticized such music festivals for the last two years saying they encourage drugs, but this year Parrikar's government gave permission to such festivals.
"Parrikar had alleged that then home minister Ravi Naik had extracted haftas (extortion money) from the organizers of 'Sunburn' for permissions. He had also said that such festivals were encouraging consumption of drugs," said Tamankar.
He added that the government's decision to now create a single window clearance system for such events will deprive panchayats of their powers to decide on permitting such events in their jurisdiction as well as tax revenue collected from these events.
Tamankar said this also violates the 73rd and 74th Constitutional amendments granting powers to village panchayats.
He pointed out that while last year 'Sunburn' was from December 27 to 29 , this year there is another music event on December 24 and 25.
This event, during Christmas, will lead to congested roads and will affect the Christian community's celebrations, he said.
He claimed that such music festivals held in the coastal areas affect the business of beach shacks, and is an injustice to them, particularly since the shacks were given licences much later this year and their licence fees were also hiked. [TOI]