Congestion at North Goa collectorate

PANAJI:Congestion at North Goa collectorate, which is housed in a century old building along with other important administrative wings of the government, has reached a level making it increasingly difficult for officials to function smoothly.

In addition to collector's office, the first floor of the collectorate, has offices of two additional collectors and five deputy collectors.

Congestion during first half of the day is at peak when people make a beeline to meet officials in various sections of the Collectorate.

The chambers of the deputy collector in-charge of rent controller section and deputy collector handling land acquisitions cases are always crowded.

The deputy collector in charge of land acquisition can only accommodate four -five people at a time while conducting hearings. The condition at rent controller's office is no different. Also revenue section of the collectorate is equally cluttered.

A deputy collector without wishing to reveal his identity, said, "Working condition at mamlatdars offices located on ground floor is also bad. Most office space is occupied by files, cupboards , tables laden with files." complained the deputy collector.

When contacted, North Goa Collector and District Magistrate Mihir Vardhan, said they are aware of the problem and office of the IG prisons, Rajya Sainik Board as well as Department of Municipal Administration (DMA) office, will be shifted to make more space for functioning of the Collectorate.

"The proposal to shift three offices is under consideration of the government after which we will have more space," said Vardhan. [TOI]