Congress panel meets Governor, presents fact-sheet of govt failure


 A delegation of the Goa pradesh Congress committee led by its president, Mr Subhash Shirodkar and including the Congress legislators as well as office-bearers on Saturday met the Governor, Mr B V Wanchoo and presented a memorandum containing the fact-sheet about the failure of the Manohar Parrikar government on all fronts, during its first year in power.
The fact-sheet covers in detail the lack of performance of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government in the state in fields like administration, art and culture, civil supply, fast track courts, agriculture, fisheries, traditional occupation, environment, social welfare schemes, education, employment, Regional Plan, industry, mining, transport, land acquisition, power, health, tourism and infrastructure among others.
“The government has failed to uphold the many promises, it had made to the people of Goa through its election manifesto and budgetary speech last year,” the GPCC memorandum observed, stating “We therefore, wish to place on record the failure of the BJP-led government in Goa by attaching a ‘Fact-Sheet of Failure’, with the hope that you will do the needful in the matter.”
Later, a press conference held at the Congress House saw the GPCC maintaining that there is no achievement on the part of the government so as to glorifying completion of one year of its rule.
“The government priorities seem to be totally misplaced,” observed the GPCC, pointing out that more is taken away by the government through hike in the water and power tariffs, than what is being given to public by way of social welfare schemes.
Addressing the media persons, Mr Shirodkar said the greatest failure of the government is its inability to curb the corruption in its administration, as observed by none other than the state unit of the BJP itself.
“And it is absurd that the Congress party is being held responsible for this bureaucratic corruption,” he added, pointing out that Mr Manohar Parrikar should now tell the people as to in which department, out of the total 30 government departments has he been able to achieve zero-tolerance towards corruption.
Maintaining that the government is running the rule of vendetta, Mr Shirodkar said that this vindictiveness towards the opposition can be seen through the act of not making available forms of various social welfare schemes to the opposition legislators. “And then I have a list of transfers of 940 government employees, during past one year, with 600 of them being transferred to the workplaces, which are at a distance of 20 km or more from their residences,” he noted, mentioning  that these transfers formed  part of political vendetta.
The GPCC president  mentioned that the government decision as regards abolition of house tax in the panchayat areas, form  part of a design to put the legality aspect of such houses under a shadow of doubt. “The people are ready to pay the house taxes as it provides their dwellings legal recognition,” he said, noting that the government, during past one year provided no assistance to either the zilla panchayat or village panchayat of any kind.
Mr Shirodkar said the Goa Khazan Land Development Board Bill of the government will put the families residing along the Goan coastline in grave danger during next 10 years. The GPCC president also said  the government has no moral right to tell people to shift to agricultural jobs, especially as the labour cost in Goa is exorbitant, and there is no infrastructural or monitory assistance from the government for this sector.
Challenging the government to stop making allegations against him as regards involvement in illegal mining, and filing a case against him if such a case really exists, Mr Shirodkar said that at one time, Mr Parrikar was claiming the credit for closing mines in Goa. “It is Mr Parrikar, who is responsible for the mining mess in the state, and he should now wait for the verdict of the Supreme Court in this matter, without intervening in the same,” he added.
The GPCC also held Mr Parrikar responsible for working up the schedules tribe community under the banner of United Tribal Associations Alliance, and further observed that out of the provision of Rs 300 crore for the ST community, the BJP-led government has not even spent Rs 30 crore during past one year.
The Valpoi MLA, Mr Vishwajeet Rane, speaking on the occasion said that there is a deterioration of healthcare in Goa, with the health services in shambles. “The free medicines, which used to be disbursed to the patients at the Goa Medical College, primary health centres and community health centres have been discontinued, as also is the Rs 1 lakh injection provided under the Mediclaim Scheme for cancer patients, hard to find,” he alleged, observing that the government has increased the local purchase of medicines.
Mr Rane also maintained that the cardio-thoracic unit proposed to be set up by the government is not feasible and would have to bear a daily running cost of Rs 5 lakh. He also maintained that the network of 108 ambulances has dismally failed.
The GPCC finally stated that there is a total breakdown of law and order situation in Goa, with cases of murder, dacoity and rapes having increased manifold, during past one year. “The most brazen issue is that two of the ruling party members are of questionable nationality, while the majority of the present government is based on such members whose real nationality is still not known or clear,” it quipped. [NT]