Congress whines, wants Parrikar to resign


Calling chief minister Manohar Parrikar's action of postponing elections for the post of the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) mayor a corrupt and undemocratic move, the Congress legislative party on Wednesday demanded that he resign as CM. Congress party spokesperson Reginaldo Lourenco said that his party will seek legal recourse in the matter.
Lourenco said that Parrikar's action has proven that he can go to any extent to prove himself right. "Mayoral candidate Surendra Furtado was a councilor even before Parrikar was first elected CM. Is Parrikar afraid that the CCP, which is the municipal body of his own constituency, cannot be managed by him as another party's candidate is getting elected? Or does it pain him that a minority candidate is being elected mayor?" he said.
The Curtorim MLA said that Parrikar was selective in acting against people and did not take action against Anant Shet from the CM's Bharatiya Janata Party even though he was caught for alleged malpractices during the elections, including the distribution of money to the voters.
"Parrikar should hang his face in shame. He says that the CCP Act has to be amended and therefore the elections have to be postponed. Did his government not know this when the schedule for the elections were approved? The BJP's people were going around trying to buy off our corporators by offering them 25 lakh," Lourenco alleged.
The Congress spokesperson said that Parrikar was using officers like Sandeep Jacques for the malpractices, against whom the CM as leader of opposition made charges of corruption.
"In postponing the CCP elections, Parrikar has destroyed the democratic fabric. There had been a lot of pressure on our former CM Digamber Kamat as well to do the same thing, but he had not succumbed. Parrikar has subverted democracy and proven that he is a dictator. He should resign on this issue," Lourenco said. [TOI]