Consultant to check feasibility of river transportation


The state government seems to be seriously looking at alternative avenues of transportation as well as revenue. The government has begun the process of appointing a consultant to study the technical and financial feasibility of using waterways for transportation of people and vehicles.
Captain of ports James Braganza told TOI that the file has gone to the government for appointment of a consultant. "The consultant will prepare a techno-feasibility report," said Braganza. He said the possible routes that were being looked at for river-based transportation were Panaji-Vasco, Aldona-Panaji, Shiroda-Panaji and Cortalim-Panaji.
The consultant's report is expected in 60 days, after which the government will decide whether to proceed with the plan.
The move to look at transportation through the state's rivers comes after chief minister Manohar Parrikar's suggestion to the captain of ports and river navigation department last month to explore the possibility of operating transportation on waterways in the state. Parrikar had urged the departments to do so where feasible for transportation of people and vehicles as this will help decongest roads by decreasing the traffic load on them.
Parrikar was of the view that while rivers could be a cheaper means of transportation of cargo and passengers, many people, especially tourists, will utilise waterway transportation for the thrill of it.
He had mooted transportation of vehicles through rivers with the help of high-speed vessels and fast ferry service. [TOI]