Cop among 4 molest woman, ransack flat


In an incident that could call the Goa police bluff on their claims of “heightened security” for women, a policeman was among four accused who late night barged into a woman’s rented flat at Mapusa where she was staying with her six-year old child, molested her and ransacked the place.  
The cop Prashant Bhavaskar, attached to the Mapusa police has been arrested in this connection. The others were identified by the woman as known to her in connection with her husband’s business. The woman’s husband reportedly sells maize in Calangute and returns every two days. 
According to the woman, four men came to her door late night and asked her to open the door, claiming they were cops and that her husband owed them money. Even after she told them that he was not at home they threatened to break open the door. Terrified that they would do so, she opened the door. Out of the four, one was in police uniform and two were persons she knew in connection with her husband’s business. The other person was in a jacket but his pant looked like part of khaki uniform, according to the woman.
The policeman, on the pretext of searching her, molested her forcefully despite her efforts to resist and unmindful of her six-year old daughter in the house while two of them ransacked the house, on the pretext of searching for money. The cop also took away her cell phone and putting her SIM in his mobile managed to get her number.
According to the woman, the culprits stole around Rs 12,000 from the house. Shockingly, the cop then called her up after they left, ordering her to keep the door open and that he would be coming later. The totally traumatized women called her husband in panic and a police case was filed.
Her medical examination was done that very night while the panchnama was done the next day, allegedly after hesitation once it was know that a cop was involved.
“One of them, a constable (Prashant Bhavaskar) attached to the Mapusa police has been arrested and also suspended,” PI, Mapusa, Tushar Vernekar told media. A case has been registered, confirming that on the pretext of searching her, she was molested, he said. [H]