Cops below PSI barred from extraordinary leave


There is bad news for police personnel below the rank of police sub inspector and clerical staffs who wish to seek employment abroad and in other parts of the country, as government has decided to exempt them from the category of applying for extraordinary leave for a maximum period of six years for seeking jobs elsewhere.
The cabinet has decided to delete the clause 'police department' and insert the words 'officers of police department of rank of PSI and above' in the amendment of the Goa state civil services (Grant of Leave to seek employment in India or abroad) rules, 2002, chief secretary B Vijayan said in the cabinet note. This means only officers above the rank of PSI can avail the leave to seek employment in India or abroad.
Earlier, every person from the police department was entitled for the leave. Department of personnel had made a third amendment in 2010 to the Goa state civil service, (Grant of leave to seek employment in India or abroad) rules, by inserting the words 'Government of Goa, except the employees of Goa judiciary and police department shall be added'.
This means the police department which was not covered under the act were allowed to seek leave for employment purpose.
As per the act passed in 2003, it states that the government will be very selective in granting leave without pay and allowances to employees belonging to professional categories, like highly-qualified doctors, engineers, scientists, etc. for taking up employment in India or abroad.
In scarce categories like veterinary surgeons, livestock assistants and any other category where there is a shortage of personnel, officers will not be allowed to take up such employment unless they resign from their jobs.
'Initially, extraordinary leave was sanctioned for a period of two years and the same can be extended for a further period of two years at a time, so that the total maximum period of extraordinary leave shall not exceed six years,' states the notification. [TOI]