Cops not addicted: Study

In an amusing finding, a research study has shown that large number of police do not consume or are not addicted to alcohol, irrespective of  the fact that they are regularly exposed to stressors beyond the range of normal human experiences. 
The study also found “on an average 30-40 percent deaths in Goa are related to alcoholism, every year,” Dr Rajesh Patil, head of Unit IV of GMC’s surgery department said while addressing a seminar on ‘Alcoholism in Goa’ Saturday.
It is not known if the people involved in those deaths actually sought alcoholism treatments or not. 1
In a joint awareness campaign carried out by the Goa Medical College (GMC) and Alcoholics Anonymous Goa, in 24 police stations including the headquarters, it was  found that majority of police do not drink.  “The observation was shocking as there was a prediction that alcohol and tobacco is consumed at higher rates amongst police than the general public.” 
The study which covered both north and south Goa police stations found that upper class is more addicted to alcohol than those belonging to lower strata. “People belonging to poorer sections of society consume alcohol to get rid of stress but at the same time they treat themselves more often to it rather than those ‘high class society people’, who consume alcohol for fun,” Dr Patil said. 
According to statistics, the average Goan today takes his or her first sip of alcohol at the age between 13 and 19. In Goa, 41 percent of males are ‘addicted’ to alcohol while in case of female the percentage is 12. 
Dr Patil informed that for the year 2011-12 total 2,600 patients got admitted to GMC of which 450 cases were related to alcoholism. While the number went up to 610 in 2012-13, from among 2,700 patients admitted.       [H]
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