Corlim citizens confront supervisors of construction projects in village


Sending a stern warning to real estate developers in the village, the Corlim Citizens Civic & Consumer Forum (CCCCF) on Monday confronted supervisors of various construction projects and found several flaws in the plans.
Led by Corlim Parish Priest Fr Assis Dourado and CCCCF Secretary Baptist Pereira, the villagers asked all construction supervisors to halt construction work until the matter is addressed by the authorities.
“Until a few years ago, Corlim has been enjoying a peaceful existence, with only a few new constructions every few years. In the last couple of years however, a spate of large apartment blocks have been springing up in the heart of the village, causing serious concern to all the villagers,” said Pereira.
“The commencement of a mega complex of 96 apartments, in a large plot which had earlier been requisitioned by the government as a sports ground for Corlim, finally  caused villagers to come together on December 24 and directly confront the construction personnel and supervisors of each of the various projects,” Pereira added.
The villagers demanded to see each of the construction plans and claimed that the size of the projects was such that the structures needed a 10-metre wide road, adequate water supply to these large housing projects, adequate parking area within each complex, proper sewerage treatment as well as wet and dry garbage treatment plants.
“Till date, no garbage treatment plant has been granted sanction by the village bodies. Also, the PWD is not in a position to supply the large amount of extra water that would be needed for all these large new construction complexes. In addition, the 10 metre wide road that would serve all these constructions, necessarily require the demolition of a chapel, an old roadside cross, several boundary walls and front gardens of houses in the heart of the village for the road-widening work,’ said Pereira.
According to Pereira, a village panchayat member informed the protesting group of villagers that the Panchayat had merely stamped its approval on all these projects, after the Town and Country Planning had given its clearance to all the projects.
The villages have decided to follow up their protest with various authorities and political leaders. [H]