Corlim locals protest against construction activities in village

Constructions of housing complexes are in full swing in Corlim, despite gram sabha and panchayat adopting resolutions against granting permissions to such complexes, a group of villagers from Corlim has alleged. They have demanded action against the panchayat secretary or whoever is involved in such violations.

The villagers are affected with power and water shortages over the last few decades with the added problem of destruction of greenery, narrow roads, and village ambience now reaching a high point.

Citing specific instances, in which they allege construction licences were given by the panchayat despite strong opposition, villagers group led by Baptist Pereira, demanded action against the panchayat secretary or whoever else is responsible for issuing such licences.

“Despite there being a unanimous decision not to allow projects, still they are being granted permission,” Baptista Pereira said.  

The gram sabha of Corlim had passed a resolution on 3rd April 2011 stating, “ No Construction licence to be issued to multiplex buildings except individual / single dwelling houses until & unless garbage door to door collection & its disposal system is implemented.”

“Electrical infrastructure is the same which was provided 40 years ago. Thereafter no further upgradation has been done. So also with water, the sole water tank in the village was built 30 years ago by which we are been supplied water once a day & if multi-storeyed buildings are allowed in our village there will be acute water and power shortages and villagers will suffer,” he said.

Pereira also raised the issues of destruction of greenery, narrow roads, and destruction of village ambience. [H]