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CRT asks if high-end tourism brings right type of tourists

Panjim: At a time when the State is debating on the ‘lack civic sense and nuisance created’ by budget domestic tourists, Centre for Responsible Tourism (CRT) has questioned whether high-end tourism brings in the right type of tourists.Claiming it has always stood for a just, inclusive, people-oriented tourism in Goa, clearly spelt in the People’s Charter for Tourism, CRT has pointed out to the dark side of tourism like prostitution and drugs.“It is to be noted that high-end gambling promoted through casinos and the related forms of human trafficking destroys the myth that high-end tourism brings in the right type of tourists. The prevalence and growth of serious problems of drug abuse, prostitution, exploitation of vulnerable children and women, cultural conflicts, displacement of local communities, environmental damage and garbage proliferation is certainly not an attraction to present our State for honourable and responsible tourism,” the CRT spokesperson said in a press statement issued on Tuesday.
It went on to state that in the pursuit of reforming and restructuring the type of tourism in Goa, particularly in reducing the negative economic, social and environmental impact of tourism, one needs to primarily ask who benefits from tourism.“CRT believes that everyone deserves a holiday and Goa should be able to provide for all those who seek her hospitality. It seeks value answers from the authorities with regard to the present manner of operations and who is responsible for the downslide,” it said.The reaction comes soon after Town & Country Planning Minister Vijai Sardesai called a section of Indian tourists as ‘scum of the earth’ for creating nuisance rather than contributing to the State’s economy. [H]

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