Curti panch: members taking bribe freely


Levelling corruption charges against fellow panchas of Curti-Khandepar Panchayat, one of the panchas refused to share dais with other members and instead sat among the villagers during the Gram Sabha on Sunday.
“I am ashamed to tell you that resolutions taken during the panchayat meetings are not being implemented properly,” alleged Panch Sandip Khandeparkar while addressing villagers at the Gram Sabha on his decision to seat among the villagers.
“The panchayat issues a NOC to a particular project only after verification of documents and with consent from the panchayat, but here things are different. Even after the decision to issue NOC is granted, show-cause notices are issued. These are tactics to negotiate with the applicants and it is a clear indication of corruption,” claimed said Khandeparkar, who is also Ponda BJP president.
However, Sarpanch Deepa Naik refuted the claims made by Khandeparkar and said: “We are going as per the decision of the panchayat.”
Added Khandeparkar: “I have proof to support my claims and will soon file a compliant against the panchas involved in corruption in the Directorate of Panchayat.”
The villagers also accused a pancha of providing false information and dumping debris in an open space at JC Nagar, Curti.
“The panch had said that from January 26, the panchayat will start house-to-house garbage collection drive, but nothing was done,” said a villager.
“When enquired, it was told that no such decision has been taken by the panchayat. The same panch had said that permission from JC Nagar president was obtained to dump debris in the open space after residents had caught a contractor red-handed. However, on inquiry, JC Nagar president denied having permitted anyone to dump debris,” added the villager.
The villagers requested the sarpanch to ask panchas not to give false information.
The villagers also demanded to know the action taken by the panchayat on various resolutions passed. However, the sarpanch claimed helplessness saying: “We have sent all the resolutions passed to the concerned departments, but till date nothing has been done.”
Interestingly, the panchayat has also decided to regularise all the existing transport offices in its jurisdiction.
“Various other businesses are dependent on the inter-state transport offices and we have decided to issue licenses to the transport offices. There are demands from villagers to regularise existing transport offices,” said the sarpanch.
The issue had come up for discussion at the Gram Sabha, however no resolution was passed.
Meanwhile, the Gram Sabha has passed a resolution to hike annual tax on commercial establishments located in the Curti-Khandepar Panchayat. [H]