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Curtorim lake harvested, but bidder disappointed

Curtorim: The famous Mai tollem at Curtorim was harvested today for fish life but Sanhta Rita Menezes who bid Rs 12.15 lakh to harvest the lake and sell the fish is disappointed as the catch is not as expected.Today they harvested only around 500 kgs of Sea Bass which is more commonly known as chonak and around 800 kgs of Rahu Katla that has been introduced in the lake for the last few years.The locals complained that the Rahu Katla seed supplied by the Fisheries Department from Anjunem Dam is of a poor quality and therefore does not give much crop.
“Due to thermal shock around 50 per cent of the seed dies while getting it from Anjunem to Goa and how can we expect a good catch,” complained one person.They pointed out that earlier when the seed was brought from Hospet about three years back, there was not much mortality and the yield also was substantial nearly 40 per cent more than today.The fish is bred by Curgunim Tenants Association and ironically chonok is the only local variety of fish that is found as other fish that was found in yesteryears like Tigur, Chicale, Pintol, Sangtam, Daddieo and Kaduvam are no longer found in the lake. The caught fish was sold to locals who came in large numbers to collect it as it is the famous fresh water fish and in fact Rahu Katla was over by around 9 am and people could only purchase the chonak. [H]

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