Cutbona boat owners call for an uniform ban


Saying they were not taken into confidence before the government announced a 75-day ban on fishing, Cutbona Boat Owners’ Association said it would welcome a 60-day ban on fishing during monsoons on condition the ban is enforced in a uniform manner.
President of Cutbona Boat Owners’ Association, Patrick D’Silva said “we were not taken into account on the question of increasing the ban from 45 to 75 days. But, we would definitely welcome a 60 day ban on fishing given the present situation vis-à-vis fishing”.
He, however, pointed out that if the government intends to impose a 75-day ban on fishing from the coming monsoons, it should be implemented uniformly by not allowing even the motorized canoes to venture out in the sea during the ban period. “There ought to be a total ban during the period, including ban on motorized canoes. If the government is ready to implement a uniform ban, we will welcome the move”, he said.
Underlining the need for increasing the ban period from 45 to 60 days, Patrick said the fish catch has declined in recent times, leading to fish shortage. 
Patrick, however, welcomed the government’s move to provide subsidy to the traditional fishermen
Meanwhile, the seafood exporters have welcomed the 75-day fishing ban period on condition that the government ensures a total stop in fishing by vessels from the neigbouring states in Goa’s territorial waters. 
“If the government can implement the ban in both letter and spirit and prevent outside vessels from entering into the Goan territorial waters, we will welcome the decision. Otherwise, the decision will have no meaning”, remarked Goa unit president of Seafood Exporters Association of India, M Ibrahim. 
He said the Seafood Industry have no occasion to rejoice over CM’s budget speech, saying it has nothing to offer for the industry. He said the government has not agreed on the demand for waiver of the demand charges vis-à-vis power. Nor has the government sanctioned a fire station or an Effluent Treatment Plant for the Cuncolim Industrial Estate.
Ibrahim said the seafood exporters are pining hopes on the Chief Minister to consider their just and genuine demands. [H]