D’Souza unhappy with pace of work on Mapusa fish market


Deputy Chief Minister Francis D’Souza has expressed disappointment over the slow pace of work of fish market complex at Mapusa.
D’Souza visited the fish market complex along with Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC) Chairperson Sudhir Kandolker and officials of Goa State Infrastructure Development Agency (GSUDA) and was disappointed to see the pace of work.
Later speaking to reporters, D’Souza said so far only 60% work of the market complex has been completed and the remaining work is expected to be completed by April 2013.
“The contractor had assured to complete the fish market complex costing Rs 7.77 crore within 18 months and deliver the fish market to MMC by December 19,” he said.
“The contractor undertakes several construction jobs simultaneously and hence they are unable to complete the projects on time. The bills of the contractors have been settled by the government from time-to-time and hence there was no reason for the contractor to delay the work,” said D’Souza.
“The contractor will be taken to task and will be penalized for the delayed period,” added D’Souza.
Senior project officer of Goa State Infrastructural Development Corporation Udai Lawande said the pace of work was very slow during rains.
“The contractor has now assured to complete the project by April 15, 2013. Nevertheless GSUDA will issue show-cause notice to the contractor for the delay in work,” added Lawande. [H]