Dabolim parking requirement is 1000 vehicles: Collector’s report

A report compiled by the district Collector, South in March 2012 had said that the parking requirement at the Dabolim airport is more than 1000 vehicles at any given point of time.

In his report which was compiled after a meeting with various agencies and authorities on March 12, 2012 in pursuance of the orders of the Bombay High Court in the PIL, the Collector stated “Whereas the existing parking arrangements can cater to the needs of 50 vehicles of VIPs, Airport Authority and Aviation staff within the compound wall of the airport, around 150 vehicles can be parked outside the compound wall of the airport”.

At the meeting, the Collector (North)  cum Director of Settlement & Land Records, Panjim brought it to the notice that the area identified as suitable land existing in Survey No 83 (part), 20 (part) & 13 (part) village Chicalim and is in close proximity to the ROW of South Western Railway route, is claimed by the Indian Navy. However, he also mentioned that apart from the land that is de-notified, there is no other suitable land.

The meeting inferred that a huge project of airport expansion could have had adequate planning for parking sufficient to the anticipated increase in influx of the visitors and travelers.

After due consideration, the meting weighed three options, namely that the de-notified land under section No 8/1 of Dabolim village is suitable land available for parking arrangements.

Secondly, the land situated between the railway track and the compound of Navy bearing Survey No 83 (part), 20 (Part) & 13 (Part) of village Chicalim which is claimed by the Indian Navy.

The report, which was submitted to the government for decision on the matter by then district Collector, Pawan Kumar Sain, IAS, however, said “alternatively, the most ideal solution to the issue thereby ensuring all safety from the chemical pipeline as well as close proximity of National Highway, is that the Ministry of Defence may be required to surrender suitable land in the vicinity of the extended airport project. The logistic support incidental to the services of the airport can be and should be reasonably provided with help and assistance of the Ministry of Defence.” [H]