Dabolim won’t be shut: Sardinha


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 Reacting to criticism against him from independent MLA Vijai Sardesai, South Goa MP Francisco Sardinha said that he was given assurances by the Centre and the Mopa steering committee that Dabolim airport will not be shut down. 
Responding to queries on Monday, he said that if Dabolim airport was shut down and Mopa was built, he, as the people's representative, would agitate along with the people but reiterated and reasoned why Dabolim would not be shut down. He said that the Centre would not have sanctioned Rs 500 crore for the expansion of Dabolim airport and they had done so, knowing that Dabolim would not be shut. 
"I am for Dabolim but not against Mopa and Dabolim airport will not be shut down," said Sardinha adding that the Mopa steering committee which is to meet this month had also given him assurances about it.  [TOI]