Dairy farmers oppose rise in price of cattle-feed


Opposing the decision of Goa Dairy to hike prices of cattle feed by Rs 2, dairy farmers have claimed that the hike will eat into profits and reduce local milk production.

Dairy farmer and former chairman of Goa Dairy, Mahadav Sahakari, who is also among the board of directors, told Herald that the decision to hike the price of cattle-feed will have an adverse effect on Goan dairy farmers.

“The price rise on cattle feed will definitely affect the milk farmers and its immediate effect will be on local milk production. Though I do not favour the decision but we are short of majority in the board of directors,” said Sahakari.

Opposing the rise in cattle feed price, Rajesh Dessai, a member of the Goa Dhudh Utpadak Utkarsha Sanghatana, said in Goa, the cost of milk production is already high and Goa Dairy has increased the price by Rs 2 per kilo on cattle feed.

“The Goa Dairy should roll back the prices in the interest of milk producers or else new entrants in this business will be discouraged. I know that Goa Dairy is suffering loss due to subsidy on cattle feed but something has to be done so that milk farmers are not burdened,” said Dessai.

According to Goa Diary Chairman, Shrikant Naik, the decision to hike the price by Rs 2 was to reduce the loss incurred on cattle feed supply. “The hike on cattle feed price will only reduce the loss to some extent. We have also asked the State government for support. For sustainability, we cannot afford to bear the loss for a long time. The hike in price on cattle feed wont effect the selling price of the milk,” Naik told Herald. [H]