‘Dead’ electric, telephone poles hindering traffic at Curchorem


In an unusual situation, two government departments have been accused of snubbing directives of the deputy collector, thereby jeopardizing the lives of motorists in Curchorem.
According to sources, the Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council (CCMC) had identified dead and unused electricity and telephone poles causing obstruction in the city.
Accordingly, CCMC Chief Officer Agnelo Fernandes had asked the deputy collector’s office to issue an order to remove these dead and unused poles.
Following a request from the CCMC, Quepem Deputy Collector and SDM Sandhya Kamat had asked the BSNL Junior Telecom Officer and assistant engineer of the electricity department to comply with the directions.
Both departments were asked to remove the electricity and telephone poles in CCMC area, to avoid accidents and to allow free flow of traffic.
Despite the directives from the deputy collector, both departments have failed to remove these dead and unused poles
Unhappy with the inaction of both departments, the CCMC has requested the South Goa collector to initiate proceedings under Section 188 of IPC against officials of both departments for disobeying orders of the Quepem deputy collector. [H]