Deckbeds’ destruction comes in for criticism


The Goan Traditional Shack Owners Association (TGTSOA) has criticised the decision of the GTDC’s Flying Squad to cut and destroy deckbeds at Calangute beach.
In a letter to the Director of Tourism, the TGTSOA has condemned the act and requested the authorities “to stop such a dastardly act which may scare away tourists.”
According to reports, the Flying Squad led by Narendra Shirodker reportedly cut a few deckbeds of one TGTSOA member, stating that they were not painted with numbers. The member, however, claimed that he had laid only 20 beds as permitted by the authorities.
“The Flying Squad of GTDC cut the deckbeds of one of our member even though he has only 20 deck beds which are permitted by the authorities,” TGTSOA President Manuel Cardozo said. 
“When asked to justify their action, the Flying Squad claimed the beds were not numbered” stated Cardozo.
“The decision to cut the deckbeds is ridiculous and needs a serious reconsideration as the act frightens tourists relaxing on the deckbeds. If there is any violation, there should either be a spot fine, which is fair and just,” added Cardozo.
The TGTSOA executive members also submitted a memorandum to Calangute MLA Michael Lobo.
Speaking to Herald, Lobo said: “Time and again, I have informed the GTDC that there is no such violation on the Calangute beaches and everyone seems to abide by rules and regulations.”
“However, any such violation can be taken care of by either confiscating the extra beds or a severe fine. Cutting of beds is not the solution. The harsh decision will scare away the tourists and will probably kill tourism in Goa. ” claimed Lobo. [H]