Delhi people know nothing about Goa issues: Parrikar


"My dream for the state is a contented Goa where people have satisfaction of the mind," chief minister Manohar Parrikar told mediapersons outside the BJP headquarters in Panaji even while being swarmed by well-wishers who came to greet him on his birthday.
Parrikar, who arrived from Delhi in the morning after receiving the 'Politician of the year award' on Wednesday, said he did not mean he wanted a rich Goa. "Goa is already rich. Satisfaction of the mind is more important," Parrikar said.
He said he did not consider his birthday different from any other day except that a birthday is an occasion to look back, take stock of any errors committed and give a better output.
Asked to comment on his governance, Parrikar urged patience from the public and said he wanted people to know that his term in office was for five years, not five months. "We can't do everything in nine months. Every government needs time. If everything is finished in one year, there will be nothing left to do for the remaining four years," he said.
He reiterated his stand that unless the state government is satisfied with the mining scenario, mining would not be allowed to re-start in Goa.
Parrikar said people sitting in air-conditioned offices in Delhi know nothing about the ground realities at places in Goa like Netravali and therefore cannot decide what should happen there.
"These people in Delhi cannot become experts about Goa's mining-affected areas after a day's visit as many locals there have never seen a television or do not have electricity connections. To decide for these people, one needs to stay with them for six months or at least for a couple of days," he said.
The chief minister said that the shortfall in mining revenue is not a problem as he has many ideas on how to raise finances for the state.
He expressed happiness at winning the award saying it was not only from popular vote but also from a jury.
"I took no efforts to get the award but I am happy because it shows people understand my work. The award gives me more enthusiasm to deliver more," he said. [TOI]