Despite an SOS, cops turn up late


The Officer on Special Duty to the Chief Minister has expressed dismay over the inordinate delay by Margao police to attend to a call when goons led a murderous assault on a youngster at Pajifond late Saturday night.
OSD to Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and Member Secretary, Levinson Martins had telephoned the Margao police late last night after he spotted a group of persons mercilessly beating up a person behind his apartment. But, the Margao police arrived at the scene 15 minutes later, though Pajifond is just a short distance away from the police station. By the time, the police made their presence felt at Pajifond behind BPS Club junction, the assailants had already made good their escape with the victim.
This morning, Martins walked into the Margao police station and lodged his formal complaint against the police inaction and the spurt in anti-social activities in Pajifond area. Margao Police Inspector, Sudesh Naik personally accompanied Martins to the locality, only to find a group of persons engaged in card gambling activity.
“When I saw a group of thugs mercilessly beating up the person, I shouted at them since I feared that the fight would end up in a murder. The assailants then took the victim in front of the electricity office, Pajifond and continued the assault. It is indeed a matter a concern that the police took more than 15 minutes to reach Pajifond”, Martins lamented.
Sources in the know said the Margao police are now trying to find out whether the assailants lifted up the victim from station road and brought him to Pajifond to carry out the assault. The police are also trying to verify information whether any police personnel was involved in the murderous assault.
Locals have accused the Margao police of turning a blind eye to anti-social activities in the Pajifond area in recent times. 
They pointed out that the police have been mute spectators to matka and card gambling carried out in the open in Pajifond with political patronage. [H]