Despite ‘no entry’, buses enter Mapusa via Tar bridge


 Bus operators have found it convenient to ignore a traffic sign prohibiting heavy vehicles along the Mapusa Bridge.
Though a ‘No Entry’ signboard has been erected at the entrance of the Tar Bridge in Mapusa prohibiting six-wheelers from entering Mapusa city, buses are seen violating the rule on a regular basis.
 In 2010, E A de Souza of Mapusa had written to the Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC) to restrict heavy vehicles from entering Mapusa through the Tar road, as they create noise pollution and traffic jams.
Acting on the letter, then Deputy Collector and Mapusa SDM D M Redkar on November 22, 2010, had directed MMC to install a necessary signboard at Tar Bridge to restrict heavy vehicles from entering Mapusa through the Tar Bridge.
Accordingly, the MMC had installed a traffic signboard at the entrance of the Tar Road which prohibits entry of heavy vehicles through the Tar road.
However, heavy vehicles do not pay heed to the traffic sign and in the absence of traffic police at the Tar Road, buses are regularly seen violating the traffic rule.
When contacted, the Mapusa Traffic Police admitted that they are aware that heavy vehicles enter the city via the Tar road, when police staff is not deputed at the spot.
“However, it is not possible to post a traffic policeman throughout the day at the Tar Bridge due to scarcity of staff. It is also the duty of the vehicle drivers to obey traffic signal and cooperate with the police. We do penalise heavy vehicles when found violating the rules,” said police. [H]