Despite orders, student not yet re-admitted


 The 10-year-old Canacona girl student who was dismissed from her school for being a slow learner, is still yet to be re-admitted despite orders from the education department and the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights. 
The NCPCR had in a January 7 order directed that the child should be readmitted to school within five days. 
With the education secretary, to whom the order was issued, out on medical leave and the director of education not committed to take action against the school, it is sadly clear that the girl will lose a whole academic year, while her parents were made to run from pillar to post to get justice. 
According to the Bailancho Saad, which had taken up the matter with various authorities, this is a clear case of discrimination against slow learners and severe action should be taken against the school. “In July, they just dismissed her from school on grounds that she should be sent to a special school. They did not inform the education department that they were dismissing her on grounds that there was no special educator,” Sabina Martins of Bailancho Saad said.  
Once the matter was taken up with the education authorities and an order was issued to the school to readmit the girl, they appealed against it. Thereafter, a hearing was conducted and subsequently the NCPCR gave its order which till date has not been implemented. 
“This is defiance of a government order. The recognition of the school should be withdrawn, grants forfeited and the student should be accommodated in a neighbouring school, according to the Act,” Martins said. 
When contacted, the director of education said coldly that he was looking into the matter. While the apathetic wheels of the government turn slowly, the girl meanwhile continues to remain out of school, even as the academic year is coming to an end, making her lose a year, for no fault of hers, Martins maintained. [H]