DGP lays thrust on road safety awareness

Panaji: The Director General of Police (DGP) Mukesh Kumar Meena has said that apart from enforcement of traffic laws, the focus will be to create awareness on road safety.

“Enforcement of traffic laws will continue but we will focus on road safety awareness with an idea to reduce road accidents,” said the DGP. He was of the opinion that awareness on road safety measures will play a vital role in reducing road accidents and fatalities.

“More and more awareness on road safety among the road users is needed,” he said. He further said that road accident statistics will be analysed and soon a meeting will be convened of police officials to chalk out the future course of action.

Various traffic safety measures such as traffic signals, blinkers, and other issues such as road engineering will be looked into, he informed.

The 1989 batch IPS officer of AGMUT cadre, Mukesh Kumar Meena, after taking the charge as Goa DGP last week had said that the priority will be to regulate traffic so that accidents are curbed especially the fatal mishaps.

As per statistics, the two-wheeler riders are the most to die in road accidents in the state, as in 2019, 61 per cent of those killed were two-wheeler riders.

In 2019, 297 persons were killed in road accidents while in 2018, 262 persons had died. In 2019, out of 297 persons killed in road accidents, 183 were two-wheeler riders while 30 were pillion riders. During the period, 50 pedestrians were killed in road accidents while 19 passengers lost their lives. Ten drivers, 2 cyclists and 3 others have also died in road accidents in 2019. During 2019, there were 3440 road accidents of which 283 were fatal in nature. In 2019, over 9.09 lakh traffic violators have been penalised, an increase of over 1.13 lakh cases compared to 2018.

Police said that rash and negligent driving/riding is the main cause of accidents. Even road conditions are said to be one of the causes of accidents. Police said that in order to minimise road accidents and fatalities, strict enforcement of traffic laws is carried out and also awareness on road safety. [NT]