Din at Karapur Sarvan over ‘community hall’


The Karapur Sarvan gram sabha on Sunday witnessed noisy scenes over the issue of controversial ‘community hall’ at Vathadev-Sarvan in Bicholim taluka.
The Karapur Sarvan Panchayat had called a special gram sabha to discuss the controversial building constructed at Vathadev by a group. 
Mamlatdar Chandrakant Shetkar was present for the gram sabha and sighting law and order problem, strong police force was also deployed at the site.
The villagers were allowed to enter the hall only after thorough checking of the voters ID card. Initially, there was commotion in the hall as the two groups started arguing over the issue.
Sarpanch Aaryan Gaonkar and Deputy Sarpanch Dheeraj Sawant explained the issue and asked the two groups to settle down so that the issue could be discussed in a phased manner. One group told the panchayat that they demand legalisation of the premises as it was already constructed.
At this, the other group raised objection and claimed it was against the law to legalise something which is build without proper permission from the authorities. The mamlatdar also told the group that “any illegal construction could not be made legal by the panchayat.”
It was later agreed that the matter should be referred to the higher authorities so that the law could take its course.
“We did not want to stretch the issue and create tensions and accordingly both the groups met on Sunday and it was decided to legally follow the procedure,” Sarpanch Gaonkar told Herald.
It may be recalled that on October 9, 2012, the issue came up for discussion and a special gram sabha was called to discuss the same. During the meeting, some villagers alleged that a group had called several persons from outside the village to support the issue and the meeting was postponed. [H]