Director of municipal administration to submit report on Ponda municipal council dissolution


 The Ponda municipal council (PMC) on Thursday submitted its say against the dissolution petition being heard by the director of municipal administration (DMA), Sandip Jacques, at Panaji. Jacques said that the PMC had produced all necessary documents supporting its opposition to the move to dissolve the municipal council.
"The hearing has been completed, and I will submit a report to the government. Now, it's up to the state government to decide on the matter," Jacques told TOI.
The DMA director on Wednesday had hinted that the DMA did not want to dissolve the PMC as the council has only a month to complete its tenure. The council was formed in January-February 2008 and will complete its term in the first week of February 2013.
The PMC is facing a dissolution petition as the DMA had issued a show-cause notice asking the council why it should not be dissolved, while claiming that the municipal council has failed to tackle the garbage in the town. On November 8, notices were issued to PMC chairperson Rukmi Dangui and chief officer Pradeep Naik.
On November 15, the PMC had asked for copies of the complaints and newspaper clippings which the DMA had relied on to issue the notice.
At a special meeting convened on December 17, the PMC opposed DMA's move to dissolve the council. [TOI]