Dismissed slow learner girl student to get back to school


The issue of a school not re-admitting a slow learner in Canacona seems to be far from over. 
The school management which has refused to take back the child in Class V has received support from the parent teacher association (PTA) and also the students. 
Bailancho Saad, which has been pursuing the case of a student who has been thrown out by a school in Canacona, claimed that National commission for protection of child rights (NCPCR) has issued a warning to the school management. 
On the other hand, the director of education has also moved a file to cancel grants to the school. 
Addressing mediapersons, here, on Monday, Bailancho Saad's Sabina Martins said the NCPCR chairman has told the school management that punitive action will be taken against the principal if the girl is not re-admitted in school within 24 hours. 
"The chairman called the principal today morning and warned her," said Martins. 
At the beginning of the academic year, the school had thrown out a ten-year-old girl, with mild intellectual disability studying in Class V. 
The school has refused to take back the student though the education department has issued an order that the school should readmit the girl after Bailancho Saad took up the girl's case. 
The school management remained adamant with backing from Parents teachers association (PTA). 
Martins said they strongly objected to the comments made about the girl child with disabilities in the media by the headmistress, management and parents. 
"If PTA is allowed to have its say, it will set a bad precedent," she said, adding that the school has violated several laws by throwing the girl out of school. "No child can be thrown out of school in July, 2012, in total violation of law under Right to Education (RTE) Act, " she pointed out. 
Sources said that the PTA has written to the education department that the child should not be readmitted for various reasons. They have claimed that the girl moves in and out of the class disturbing others and that she doesn't maintain cleanliness in the class. Sources said no student wants to sit next to her on the bench. 
The Bailancho Saad said the school has violated Goa Children's Act as also Disabilities Act. Under the Disabilities Act, it clearly states that inclusive education should be provided which means children with disabilities should be in regular schools and special educators and support material should be provided. 
"The attitude of the school is shocking especially in the wake of crimes against children. Every girl child has a right to protection. It is such backward attitudes that girl children do not come forward and complain as they are stigmatized and discriminated further as evidence, " she said, adding that Bailancho Saad would pursue the matter to its end. [TOI]