Disquiet over slow electronic ticketing in Kadamba buses


The failure of ticket collectors/conductors of Kadamba Transport Corporation to get used to the newly introduced electronic ticketing machines (ETMs), quickly, has led to passengers getting annoyed due to the delay in issuing tickets. 
“The conductors are not well trained in using the system. On an average, they take two to three minutes to issue a single ticket,” Sheela Naik, a daily commuter on the Panjim to Margao route said. 
Yet another commuter Maria D’Souza also voiced a similar complaint: “Earlier it was good. They just used to punch the ticket and issue it. Now it’s irritating, especially if they are issuing ticket to pass holders. A passenger has to wait for nearly five minutes to get his/her ticket,” she said. 
The automated facility was introduced as KTC found printing of ticket an expensive exercise. KTC also aims to stop the pilferage of money which is presently done by some conductors. The facility is currently used only at Panjim and Margao depots.  
KTC Chairman Carlos Almeida when contacted admitting that these are initial hiccups, which would be overcome in next two months. “Any new system has some hiccups. You cannot expect it to be perfect from the start. Our conductors are not yet trained,” he admitted. Almeida said that a team of software engineers from Bangalore is already in Goa to train the conductors. “Everything will run smoothly in the next two months,” he added. 
Meanwhile, Almeida informed that the concessional pass scheme for KTC commuters would be made online from January 26 onwards, making it more public friendly. The pass system, introduced on January 1, has till date around 2000 takers while around 5,500 applications are still pending.  [H]