Dissent over Canacona Shigmo panel


While two different Shigmosthav committees are keen on celebrating the festival at Ponda, the Canacona Shigmotsav Committee 2013 has decided to hold Shigmosthav celebrations on two days.
According to sources, dissent was clearly visible at the meeting in the municipal hall on Tuesday after Canacona MLA and Sports Minister Ramesh Tawadkar was nominated to lead the Canacona Shigmotsav Committee 2013.
Shortly after Tawadkar’s name was announced, Poinguinim ZP member Daya Pagui claimed that since Shigmotsav is held in Canacona Municipal Council (CMC) area, CMC chairperson should be given the honour of leading the Samiti. 
There were mixed reactions to the claimLater, former CMC chairperson and Councillor Ramakant Naik Gaunkar was appointed as working chairman and CMC Chairperson Ajay Bhagat as reception committee chairman. 
Other committee members appointed are Kamlakar Mhalshi and Bhushan Prabhugaonkar (vice presidents), Sarvanand Bhagat (secretary), Cenkatrai Naik (joint secretary), Mahesh Naik (treasurer), Pramod Phaldessai (joint secretary) and Prashant Dessai (assistant treasurer). [H]