Don’t oppose projects for sake of opposing: Francis


Deputy Chief Minister, Mr Francis D’Souza has called upon locals from Mapusa not to protest and oppose projects just for the sake of opposing but instead support the government in its endeavours as good projects are the need of the hour.
Mr D’Souza was speaking at a demo session given by a Bangalore-based company on modern methods used to treat mix garbage and which could generate valuable by-products without causing pollution. The presentation was held at the Mapusa municipality.
Officials of the MK Aromatics gave a detailed presentation on how they could treat the garbage of the entire state without causing pollution and also generate useful by-products. The cost of setting up the garbage treatment plant was estimated at ` 25 crore. The officials also gave a presentation on sewage treatment which was also another concern of Mapusa locals.
Speaking further, Mr D’Souza said that a garbage treatment plant and a sewage treatment plant were an absolute necessity for Mapusa and both projects are held up due to opposition from people. He said if these plants become a reality it would not only bring a relief to the people of Mapusa but also put the Mapusa municipality on a higher pedestal.[NT]