Dona Paula IT habitat to be redesigned


 Plans are afoot to redesign the Rajiv Gandhi IT habitat at Dona Paula. The IT corporation of Goa has decided to call a meeting of experts by March 15 for suggestions.
Subhash Phaldessai, chairman of the IT corporation told TOI that they are concentrating on the Dona Paula habitat and if all goes well they will be able to start re-allotment by June.
Taleigao village panchayat had passed a resolution opposing the habitat. In 2007, Taleigao villagers led-by their then MLA Atanasio Monserrate held a violent agitation opposing the habitat. However, Dessai claimed that Taleigao villagers had raised objections due to corruption in the allotment of plots. "We will take Monserrate into confidence and the villagers of Taleigao will be consulted. We will see that there is total transparency in the re-allotment," he said.
He further added that Monserrate had made a statement in the Goa assembly that he is not against the project. What he opposed was the way allotment was carried out.
Six months ago the government had revoked earlier allotments on the grounds of illegalities in plot allotment. Allottees were returned their money totaling 138 crore. Recently, one of the companies whose allotment was cancelled has challenged the government's decision in the high court.
Phaldessai clarified that so far there is no legal hurdle. "There is no stay stopping us from proceeding with the re-allotment," he said. The government has already paid all the allottees whose plots have been taken back.
The re-designing of the habitat will be done in such a way that plots will be smaller sized. Earlier plots were 40,000-50,000 sq m. "We intend to make plots of 10,000 sq m, 7,000 sq m, 5,000 sq m and even 2,000 sq m.
Phaldessai said that that he will go ahead with the development after considering expert views. Not all plots will be allotted in the first lot. Re-resigning of the habitat will be done based on expert opinion. "We want to feel the pulse of the market before going ahead with allotment," he added. Before the IT habitat takes shape, the corporation will need to check that there is un-interrupted power supply, good connectivity, sewage system at the park. [TOI]