Dr Gomes returns home after 96 days

Panjim: While a person infected by COVID-19 is back home within 7 to 20 days, the doctors treating them have no such luck.

Dr Edwin Gomes, who was nodal officer at the designated COVID hospital, at ESI, Margao, returned home on Friday after 96 days and was given a hero’s welcome by the family and neighbours.

Sources said that Gomes will rest for about three weeks while another team takes over at the COVID hospital.

Dr Gomes’ team consisted of Dr Nidhi Prabhu, Dr Harshal Mamlekar, Dr Geetali Velip and Dr Masood Mujawar.

Of the 1,576 confirmed positive cases, 772 have recovered. Gomes and his team have been instrumental in the recoveries of at least over 153, while another 100 of his patients are stable and on road to full recovery.

He is expected to return to the hospital after three weeks and also monitor cases where his attention is needed. [H]